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A visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa) is an official document that allows you to enter Canada.

Who needs a Canada Visa?
People from countries that do not have a visa exemption or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) agreement with Canada will need a visa to enter the country. More specifically, people from around 148 countries need a visa to visit, work, or immigrate to Canada.


If you are one of these applicants and you need a visa for Canada, you must apply for one. Depending on the type of visa you want, you will have a method of applying, but there are a few general steps you must take.

What are the Canada Visa Types?

Before you apply for a Canadian visa, you must first know which visa you want to apply for. Here are the types of Canada visas:

  • Visitor visas.

  • Student visas.

  • Work visas.

  • Permanent Residence visas.

  • Business Immigrant visas.

  • Express Entry Program visas.

You must pick the one that fits the motive of why you want to go to Canada.

Application Process:

  1. Find out if you are eligible for a Canada Visa

  2. Create your online account

  3. Compile the document file

  4. Pay the fees

  5. Wait for processing your Canadian visa

  6. Submit your passport and processing fees

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the processing fee?

    • The processing fee for one applicant is $100. The biometric fee is $85 if applicable.

  • What is the processing time?

    • It depends on the country that you are applying from. Online applications tend to be processed faster than paper based.

  • How long can I stay in Canada?

    • A valid visitor visa allows you to stay for a maximum of six months from the time of arrival. If you wish to stay longer, you have to apply for a visitor record.

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